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Chain stores “Medtechnika”



“Medtechnika” chain started its activity in 2002, when the first store was opened in Dnepropetrovsk. We immediately earned confidence of many consumers, who were upon the look for high-quality medical devices for the Diagnosis and Treatment in both outpatient and hospital settings.


We were not satisfied with the first success and it was followed by other achievements. Gradually other stores began opening in different Dnepropetrovsk districts so that customers from different city points were convenient to visit them and make necessary purchases. In 2006 “Medtechnika” stores became available for people in Zaporozhye and Krivoy Rog.


Mission and objects

Mission of the enterprise is to be a real expert in the area of health and beauty and to offer people only the goods conductive to improve their life quality.

Our objects are:

– Customer satisfaction. Customer – is the major priority for our company, therefore all our actions are focused on satisfaction of its needs and continuous quality service improvement. We keep self-improving, searching for new channels of innovative and technological solutions, in order to keep exceeding everyone’s expectations.

– Leadership. We understand that in our ever-changing world the success can be achieved just the one who is not satisfied with what has already been achieved and keeps moving forward. We form efficient system of cooperation with suppliers and medical institutions in order to have the possibility of providing quality goods and services meeting all up-to-date requirements.

– Movement to the best. The complete team of professionals works every day to equal our mission today and to define its future being. We are not satisfied with what has already been achieved, keep developing, growing and only move ahead.


Our values

– Professionalism of each employee. Over the years of our activity we have built a solid team of professionals. We are united by common objects and ideas, common ground and priorities. We are proud of our every employee and direct multitude efforts at development of the professional potential and opening of new talents in each one.

– Quality of the offered goods and range. Among the range of our goods you can find blood pressure monitors, deaf aids, nebulizers, thermometers, medical furniture, rehabilitation equipment, diagnostic tools, compression knitwear, orthopedic shoes and beauty products. We are an official distributor of such trademarks as Bionime, B.Well, OSD, Gamma, Vega, One Touch, Microlife and many others.

– Accessibility of the stores for customers from all over Ukraine. Our permanent sales points are available in Dnepropetrovsk at the following addresses: Kirova ave., 59; Plekhanova str., 15; Gazety “Pravda” ave., 46; Titova str., 2; Oktyabrskaya square, 14. In Krivoy Rog at the addresses: Bykova str., 1 and Lermontova str., 6. In Zaporozhye at the address Lenina ave., 109.

Besides that you can make an order from any other city of Ukraine with delivery service through our on-line sore

– Permanent active search for goods for our customers. A team of experienced managers permanently analyses the market of medical goods in order to have an opportunity to provide our customers a possibility to buy new and up-to-date goods.