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September, 2017

“GUM” TM participated in the main dental event of the year – the 78th dental Kiev Forum of ADU and the exhibition “MEDVIN: Stomatology”

The event was held from 13 till 16 of September in the exhibition center KyivExpoPlaza.
More than 200 companies, representing dental products of the companies from 19 countries of the world and Ukraine, participated in the exhibition.
In the framework of the ADU forum Professor of Dental Hygiene at the Sapienza University of Rome, the author of a large number of articles on the prevention of oral diseases, the speaker of a number of national and international specialized forums – Gianna Maria Nardi made the report “Tailored Brushing Method (TBM): an innovative simple protocol to improve the oral care and interdental cleaning”.
A special emphasis in her speech was made on the use of interdental means of “GUM” TM.
Gianna Maria Nardi came to Ukraine for the main dental event of the year not empty- handed; she brought pictures that she presented to the president of the Association of Private Practice Dentists of Ukraine – Tarawneh Shaker Jamil.
But this is not all gifts from “GUM” TM: all visitors of the exhibition and participants of the seminar could participate in the prize drawing. The lucky ones received the kits of GUM Activital.
At the booth it was possible to purchase the medical and preventive products, as well as to obtain the samples of products of “GUM” TM.

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June, 2017


The All-Ukrainian Scientific and Practical Conference on Family Medicine were held in Dnepr on June 1-2, which covered the urgent issues of the health care system reforming and the prospects for the development of family medicine in Ukraine.
The scientific program included reports, master classes and lectures on topical techniques that should be introduced into the work of a primary level doctor.
Particular attention was paid to the diagnosis and treatment of socially significant diseases, reducing the incidence of disability and mortality. First of all, it, certainly, concerns cardiovascular diseases. In this context, the report “Microlife AFIB – technology of early detection of atrial fibrillation, prevention of stroke” was especially interesting.
Doctors highly appreciated the technology developed by the Swiss company Microlife. This is the only technology at the market of blood pressure monitors that allows screening of atrial fibrillation during each measurement of blood pressure at home. Atrial fibrillation is the most dangerous violation of the heart rhythm and is a warning of a stroke. Timely diagnosis allows you to start treatment on time and reduce the risk of stroke by 68%.





May, 2017

On May 18-19 Microlife participated in VII Theoretical and practical conference of the Association of Arrhythmologists of Ukraine and European Heart Rhythm Association (EHRA).

Representatives of all leading scientific schools and clinical centers – arrhythmologists, cardiologists, general practitioners – discussed the issues of rhythm disturbance and cardial conduction against the background of comorbid conditions.
Within the congress, Dr. Willem Verberk, lecturer at the Maastricht Institute of Cardiovascular Diseases (Holland) made a presentation “Stroke Prevention, Early Detection of Atrial Fibrillation.” Particular emphasis in the speech was made on Microlife Afib technology, which was appreciated at the event by doctors and its importance was noted in the diagnosis and prevention of atrial fibrillation.
At the conference for the first time, there were master classes on arrhythmology for primary care physicians dedicated to the World Family Physician Day, which is celebrated on May 19. In particular, Microlife conducted a master class “WatchBP – a new generation of devices for outpatient diagnosis of hypertensive states in the practice of a family doctor”, at which all attendants could make sure in the significant diagnostic capabilities of the new technologies of the world leader Microlife.
At the congress booth, the main interest of medical specialists was also attracted by the innovative Microlife A6 PС device, equipped with Afib technology, which allows detecting atrial fibrillation during blood pressure measuring. Timely diagnosis of atrial fibrillation allows you to start treatment on time and significantly reduce the risk of stroke.





April, 2017

On April 25 Microlife participated in Ukrainian cardiological school of M.D. Strazhesko at the exhibition center “KyivExpoPlaza”
This event was held within the framework of the XIII International Medical Forum “Innovations in Medicine – Health of the Nation”. This is a large-scale complex event of the innovative direction of the healthcare industry in Ukraine, which unites the scientific and practical program, schools, exhibitions and specialized expositions and creates an international platform for exchange of experience and skills improvement of health professionals.
At the cardiological school of Academician M.D. Strazhesko the leading professors made lectures on the following topics:
• Rational combine therapy is the basis of a modern treatment of hypertension.
• Antiarrhythmic and antithrombotic therapy of atrial fibrillation.
• Practical aspects of managing the patients with a high risk of arterial and venous thromboembolism in emergency cardiology.
At Microlife booth, all those who wish could measure blood pressure with the blood pressure monitor of new generation (BP A6 PC) with the unique Afib technology developed by Microlife Company. Afib technology is the only technology at the market of blood pressure monitors that allows determining atrial fibrillation during the blood pressure measurement at home.





January, 2014

Assortment of the corporation was supplemented by several new unique products. Among them:

Blood Pressure Monitors VEGA of compact size with universal cuff, electronic mesh nebulizer VEGA – based on the advanced nebulizing mesh-technology, which allows using of extended medicines list for nebulizing therapy, and nasal aspirator B.Well Kids, which will clean a little nose of nasal discharge in a matter of seconds, resulting in clear breathing and quiet sound sleep of your baby.

December, 2013

The corporation introduced three models of aneroid sphygmomanometers of the Swiss brand, all at once. VEGA aneroid sphygmomanometers are equipped with the high-precision advanced manometers, comfortable cuffs with bladders made of high-quality latex material.

November, 2013

Medel nebulizers (Italy), well-known for customers and proved to be of high quality, became available at the market of Ukraine through the corporation.

June, 2013

The corporation started a new business-line – Fitness.

miha bodytec EMS-machines (Germany) turned to be the first goods of this business-line, they implement breakthrough technologies of electromyostimulation (EMS), i.e. muscle contraction is controlled by electrical impulse. By means of miha bodytec muscle contractions are increased and more muscles are stimulated.

March, 2013

The corporate portfolio was supplemented by Blood Pressure Monitors of B.Well brand (Switzerland). The secret of successful development of B.Well — is a careful selection of technological solutions for medical devices. Combination of time-proved technologies and unique advanced designs allows specialists of the company to achieve their main purpose — to create devices that combine high quality, reliability and availability.