May, 2017

On May 18-19 Microlife participated in VII Theoretical and practical conference of the Association of Arrhythmologists of Ukraine and European Heart Rhythm Association (EHRA).

Representatives of all leading scientific schools and clinical centers – arrhythmologists, cardiologists, general practitioners – discussed the issues of rhythm disturbance and cardial conduction against the background of comorbid conditions.
Within the congress, Dr. Willem Verberk, lecturer at the Maastricht Institute of Cardiovascular Diseases (Holland) made a presentation “Stroke Prevention, Early Detection of Atrial Fibrillation.” Particular emphasis in the speech was made on Microlife Afib technology, which was appreciated at the event by doctors and its importance was noted in the diagnosis and prevention of atrial fibrillation.
At the conference for the first time, there were master classes on arrhythmology for primary care physicians dedicated to the World Family Physician Day, which is celebrated on May 19. In particular, Microlife conducted a master class “WatchBP – a new generation of devices for outpatient diagnosis of hypertensive states in the practice of a family doctor”, at which all attendants could make sure in the significant diagnostic capabilities of the new technologies of the world leader Microlife.
At the congress booth, the main interest of medical specialists was also attracted by the innovative Microlife A6 PС device, equipped with Afib technology, which allows detecting atrial fibrillation during blood pressure measuring. Timely diagnosis of atrial fibrillation allows you to start treatment on time and significantly reduce the risk of stroke.