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Health & Beauty

Microlife (Switzerland)

Microlife is one of the world leaders in the development and manufacturing of medical diagnostic equipment for home monitoring and professional use. Blood pressure monitors, digital thermometers,nebulizers for prevention and treatment of catarrhal diseases are Microlife’s core business. Microlife devices for self-control are compliant with standards of professional medical equipment, their measurements are as accurate as the results received by the doctor.
Microlife products have assigned the highest attainable accuracy of the leading European Research nstitutes. Thanks to devices and innovative technologies of Microlife people all over the world can get accurate information about their health status.


Vega (Switzerland)

Vega is a Swiss brand. What do we think about when we think about Switzerland? About their banks, where rich people of the world keep their money. About precisely working watches that are produced there, about ski resorts, healthy lifestyle, cleanness, Swiss chocolate and Swiss cheese.

Switzerland has also been a synonym of reliability, accuracy and quality of its goods.

Vega is symbiosis of natural products and high technology manufacture.

Vega (from Latin vegetus) – vigorous, fresh, lively.

Vega – devices for home-use and all-family, devices for healthy lifestyle!

Preventive and measuring medical devices for home-use. Swiss quality and reliability. Easy and convenient to use. Affordable price.


Gum (Japan)

GUM is an outstanding international brand, that is widely used by
dentists and hygienists all over the world, owned by SUNSTAR company which is one of the world market leaders in the development and production of oral care products. For more than 80 years SUNSTAR has been committed to providing high-quality oral care products to consumers and dental professionals worldwide. By working with dentists and putting into practice the latest scientific discoveries from all over the world SUNSTAR develops new dental products.
GUM is the first comprehensive range of products for oral care. With a plenty of an active components in the composition, for a long time GUM toothpastes ceased to be just hygienic, they act as medicated products.


SWISSDENT Dental Cosmetics (Switzerland)

Development and manufacture of products for oral hygiene, prevention and treatment. The company was founded in 2006 by Doctor of Dental Science Vaclav Velkoborsky. Swissdent brand products provide users with extraordinary efficiency in main oral prophylaxis and allow to keep natural beauty of smile. Medical research center and the factory are located in Switzerland. More than 30 scientific patents, multiple recognitions at the most authoritative dental forums in the world, awards for the design of toothbrushes – that is Swissdent.


MihaBodytec (Germany)

A unique innovative device for muscle formation, body shaping, training of strength, endurance and general health improvement within a short period of time. It is used by professional sports stars (Bavaria, Munich). It is used actively for rehabilitation of the locomotor apparatus. Miha bodytec machines received fabulous recognition in Europe for their high efficiency and quality (Number 1 in Germany, France and Spain). Training of the whole body providing maximum results within the shortest time period – is the main purpose of miha bodytec machine.